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Welcome to the Mrs. Davis' Fall 2008 Creative Writing class links page

. Here you can browse students' writing and watch their writing strengthen.

Alexander A.
Kaitlin B.
Dannielle B.
Stacey B.
Sarah C.
meine Schöpferische Reise
Megan D.
My Imagination Creation
Jimmy E.
Jimmy Eulenstein
Monica G.
Tyler H.
Anything But Normal
Rachel L.
Art is...
Sheldon L.
Margaux L.
40 - Love
Hailey M.
Because I am, I Breathe
Allison N.
Bridges and Balloons
Pieter O.
Brandon P.
This is What I Want
Courtney Q.
Beautiful Life
Hannah R.
Dancing in the Rain
Ben S.
Slow, Steady Improvement
Adeline S.
Colorful Perspective
Nicole S.
Conducting the Choir of Words
Rachel S.
Timothy T.
Matt T.
Moriah V.
Swirling Lights
Christopher V.
Desperate Musings
Kendra V.
Life Under Construction
Jennifer W.
White Escape
Kevin Y.
Tom W.

Writing Practice

Today, we are going to practice writing objective and subjective descriptions. Descriptive writing should be in the majority of our writing as it offers a lens for the reader to use as he/she pictures what you are discussing. As you move around the room, looking at the objects, click on the objective or subjective link next to it to know how you should describe it. In effective writing, writers typically use a mix of both objective and subjective, but usually have a preference of one. It is worth our time to practice these 2 types, so we can give a clear picture of what we're describing to our audiences.

snorkel Objective descriptions
stuffed animal squirrel Subjective description
dinosaur toy Objective descriptions
make-up compact Subjective description
toy gingerbread man Objective descriptions
barrette Subjective description
tweezer Objective descriptions
marble Subjective description
bracelet Objective descriptions