Unsung Moments


I feel in life, we rush through it with frenetic pace, forgetting to reflect and learn. I am trying to slow my life down so I notice the small moments.. These are my snapshots--true stories, thoughts, and memories.

A Black and White Vacation (funnel poem)
Anger Unchained (narrative)
Ashes (tribute to Chloe)
Baseball (narrative)
Blue Vinyl Smile (3 memories + research)
Boundaries in Conflict (triptych)
Chante Souvent du Verde ("Colored Me" essay)
Dear Sixty-Two
Geometry for an English Teacher (funnel poem)
Green Fuel (funnel poem)
I Am (form poem)
Immaterial Having (I Have poem)
Labeled (character from my past)
Moving Away from Fear (1st piece for grad school)
Oak's Strength (emotional memory using an object to tell the story)
One Teacher's Plea (pet peeves essay)
3 Perspective (research voice poem)
Precious Little One (narrative of Chloe's death)
St. Martin's--Our River that Runs through All of Us (Grand Canyon article published in SMES' Patterns Magazine)
The Fence Breaks (free verse sonnet)
This I Believe

Writing Habits

Excerpts from published authors