Objective: impartial, public, or functional description (technical or scientific)

For instance, an objective description of one's dog would mention such facts as height, weight, coloring and so forth.

My male dog Wyatt is a Flat-Coat Retriever. Standing 26" tall and weighing 51 pounds, he looks like a Golden Retriever with black hair. He has triangle-shaped ears that flop down to his jawline. His eyes are dark brown like a walnut. His hair's texture is soft with a slight curl, feeling much like Easter grass.His tail is shaped like a sickle, a hand-held farming tool used to cut wheat or long grass. Wyatt wags it on walks, when people come to the door, when we talk in funny voices, pull out his food, and play tug-o-war with him. His disposition is mellow and only gets excitable when visitors come, we say, "Walk" and if someone is eating bacon or licking a spoonful of peanut butter. He sleeps curled up like a donut on my 4th-grade son's bed.

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