Moments in Ink

A Bird Perches---(sonnet)
A Black and White Vacation (funnel poem)
Boasts Life (choka)
Book Unwritten (sonnet)
Broken (found poem)
Emulating Emily (emulation)
Friday of Blue (Friday personified)
Geometry for an English Teacher (funnel poem)
Green Fuel (funnel poem)
Go Inside a Butterfly (go inside a living object)
Hollow Orbits (left-handed poem)
I Am (form poem)
I Shall Not Want (left-handed poem)
Left-handed Poem (left-handed poem)
My Melpomene (found poem from American literature & lyrics)
Money, Gone & Lost (beat poem)
Ode to an English Office (ode)
Odor of Death, Customs Die with a Saxon
Penned Moments (found poem)
Poetry Collector (personification of poetry)
She Embodies Christmas (sensory poem)
Seeps Chemicals Unnatural (editorial poem)
Stoning Washed Clean (go inside a stone)
The Fence Breaks (free verse sonnet)
Unlined-space (modified emulation)
Wish for you...
Writer (acrostic)

Excerpts from Poetry
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