Subjective: emotional, personal, or impressionistic (uses biases and personal feelings)

A subjective description would include the above details, but would also stress the author's feeling toward the dog, as well as its personality and habits.

A Flat-Coat Retriever, our sweet dog Wyatt greets us with his dance at the door and wagging tail. His big brown eyes seem to smile matching his panting mouth; he wants to be petted and talked to immediately when we come home. Sitting on the couch, he will gently put his front paws on your lap and lay his head between your arm and leg; it's his hug and one that he seems to need from us daily. His hair is soft and a little coarse like Easter grass. Pet ID Tags. He isn't pushy about getting petted, but will lay at our feet and look up sadly at us, breathing a deep sigh as if to say, "I guess I can wait a little longer for you to pet me." We love our easy-going dog, despite his bad habit of sleeping on my son's bed.

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