Group Names: Jennifer Whitney and Hailey Moore
Abandoned on the bathroom counter, the forlorn barette sits quietly, waiting to be utilized. She remembers when she was accepted, remembers the feeling of her clasp bouncing open every morning before sliding into the silky smooth hair. She loved the challenge of taming every last strand of hair, though now she is just another piece of clutter on the counter. Her once polished finish is now blemished and she can't recall the flowery smell of her owner's mane.

Group Names: Kevin Y, Jimmy E, Ben S, Monica G
Looks classy and contemperary ready to be utilized on the hair of a women. Gives you the smooth feeling but edggy enough to give a women undiscovered confidence. The colors remain simple, black and silver, but the texture pops at you like a balloon exploding. A light, high powered bear trap that can fit in your pocket.

Group Names: Courtney Quenzer and Addie Smith
The simple and classic desgin on the barette is a favorite of many. It carefully pulls back hair into a elligant up-do to create a classy and sassy hairdo. It is a plain black leather with fancy stitching around the edges. It is surrounded with elligant metal details on the ends. The barette is a wonderful way to finish off and outfit.

Group Names: